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Friendship Ends Bullying!
Friendship Ends Bullying!
Learning First!
Learning First!
Achieving Excellence Daily!
Achieving Excellence Daily!
Spartans Live it!
Spartans Live it!

Principal's Information

Name: Travis Lund

Phone Number:  801-402-6400

Email:  tlund@dsdmail.net

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Work Hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.

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Perfect attendance

Perfect Attendance
433 Students in October
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School Spirit Day

Wear school colors for every
Home Game
tickets for prizes handed
out first period.

Any week that has
only away games will have
Spirit Day on Friday.


soldier and kids

All may know what is right, but only the Spartans live it.

Ancient Spartan Saying

South Davis Junior

By The Numbers

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234 4.0 First Term 2018-19

468 High Honor Roll Fourth Term

133 Honor Roll Fourth Term

508 No Tardies First Term 2018-19

223 Citizenship Honor Roll First Term 2018-19