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Hope Squad


Hope Squad is a school-based peer support program. Hope Squad members are students selected and trained to recognize if they or their peers are at risk for suicide and how to help.


2018-19 Members

9th Grade

Austin Bradley

Ali Burt

Camille Clarke

Tim Clarke

Tyler Duke

Noelle Hanks

Bella Hawkins

Ava Johnson

Eldon Judd

Lainey Rowsell

Jenna Violette

8th Grade

Luke Akerlow

Cole Anderson

Lindsay Anderson

Sarah Baker

Eliza Coburn

Emma Erickson

Bracken Hess

Ashley Israelson

Ava Judd

Chris Messina

Riley Rupp

Sara Sharma

Meg Stoker

Sam Wood

7th Grade

Justin Chamberlain

Brooke Francis

Kaylee Haslam

Lexie James

Caydance King

Macie Maxwell

Jack Salmon

Alina Smith

Kierstina Stanger

Sarah Stone

Genevive Telford

Carter Walsh

Photo Gallery





Sarah Baker

Jaycie Bott

Hailey Hoxer

Brooke Nelson

Maggie Preece

Arayanna Smith

Kierstina Stanger

Meg Stoker


Ayla Hamblin

Kirsten Kirkham

Skylar Midgley

Haley Neuenschwander

Brynn Peterson

Sidney Pirouzina

Brooklyn Thompson

Brooklyn Ulmer


Ammon Campbell

Cole Carman

Eric Dart

Rex Green

Dallin Jackson

Gavin Shupe

Easton Walker


Luke Akerlow

Tyler Ball

Truman Harris

Gabe Phippen

Connor Smith

Nathan Stoker

Lockwood Smoot


National Academic League (NAL)

The National Academic League © motivates and recognizes academic athletes much like their athletic peers. By successfully combining the important aspects of team sports -- such as competitiveness, strategy, teamwork and cooperation in a group effort -- with important aspects of learning -- such as problem solving, critical thinking and scholarship -- the NAL © generates the same popular enthusiasm and pride as do sports teams. 

Team Members


Isabella Adams

Maggie Call

Ruby Campbell

Michelle Chan

Joe Chandler

Rees Christensen

Camille Clarke

Camille Dunn

Rex Green

Truman Harris

Hailey Hoxer

Ian Kramer

McKady Kump

Ellie McMurrin

Alexis Meredith

Fletcher Murray

Kayle Orantes

Susannah Rasmussen

Austin Semans

Jack Slagowski

Connor Smith

Joshua Tibbits

Aimee VanDenBerghe

Katie Vernon

Schedule and Scores

Dec. 13  Fairfield at home
Jan. 10  Mueller Park at home
Jan. 17 (bye)
Jan. 24  SDJH at Kaysville
Jan. 31  SDJH at Centennial
Feb. 7  Centerville at home
Feb. 14  SDJH at Farmington
Feb. 21  Millcreek at home
Feb. 26 - Championship at Kendell Building in Farmington

Click here for Team Standings

NAL Links

National Academic League Page

Davis District  NAL Page

Factor Tree Tool from Utah State University -
This online tool helpsyou learn to find prime factors of large numbers, and find greatest common actors of pairs of numbers.

Place the State Game

Khan Academy

NAL Practice Questions

Dear NAL Team Member,

Congratulations on being selected to participate on the NAL team for the 2017-2018 Season! As a team member, it is expected that you spend 15-20 minutes per day studying and preparing for games. 

Information from these flashcards will be found on the team tryout test. The test will also include another set of questions to test your general knowledge. Questions from the general knowledge set are not on the flashcards.

General Questions
We have created a set of flashcards specifically for US States:
There is also another for Amendments to the Constitution:
 A flashcard set is now live for officers in the president's cabinet:
 A flashcard set is now live for the human body systems:
 A flashcard set is now available for finding exponents and roots of numbers within 1000.
Another good resource is Khan Academy, a website with video tutorials for learning all kinds of material:
You should register on Khan Academy and use our NAL class code: 8N2AXQ 

Old Practice Questions

Questions created from the 2014-2015 Study Guide. You can log in to create more flashcards with the username nalsdjh and the password spartan. You can also just open the link without a login in to view them.
Game-Specific Questions
Games 6-10: The middle part of the season, and the largest section of our games.

Games 11-15: The last two games of the season. 

Questions created by NAL students from the 2013 Study Guide. You can log in to create more flashcards with the username nalsdjh and the password spartan. You can also just open the link without loggin in to view them.
The new set of flashcards for games 6-10 (which includes our games on January 23, January 30, and February 6) can be found at the link below:
And another set of flashcards for the last two games:
 Games 6-10, 2014:



NJHS is a national organization for students who have achieved excellence in academic achievement and also display leadership, community involvement, and extracurricular school involvement. To join South Davis Junior High’s chapter of NJHS, you must be in the 8th or 9th grade. You must have a 3.75 GPA or higher and your citizenship record from the previous year must not contain any "N’s" or "U’s." During the current school year, you may not receive an "N" or a "U." You must display excellence in the areas stated above and continue this excellence by contributing at least FIVE hours of volunteer service per term in areas of your own selection.

NJHS is a nationally recognized Honor Society that provides recognition for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Chapter activities provide students the opportunity to meet new people and serve the school and community. Membership in NJHS is also appreciated and admired when applying for a job or a scholarship. If you are interested in this program, please contact the main office for more information.

Photo Gallery

Halloween 17-18



Service Form

At School Service Ideas

Tutor for teachers

  • contact teachers and ask if you can tutor during Plus period--Mr. Milligan can always use help!
  • go to the library and ask the teachers running the After School tutoring lab if they need help

Talk to teachers, see if they need help with anything

  • cleaning, organizing, grading papers, whatever! 

Befriend someone at school you think needs a friend, eat lunch with them (must have Advisor approval for this one)

Go to the self-contained Resource class (Room 203)  during Plus and teach skills or play game with the students in that class.

Community Service ideas (serving family members does not count)

  • Bountiful Food Pantry--go work for a couple of hours
  • Christmas Box House--see what needs they have
  • Babysit for free for young parents
  • Walk a dog for neighbor or someone who can't get out
  • Shovel snow, rake leaves, help someone move, do housework for someone in need
  • Talk to church leaders and see what they need done--cleaning the church?
  • Serve food at a homeless shelter
  • Gather supplies for a homeless shelter
  • Read to someone at an Assisted Living Center who can't read for themselves
  • Put together a short musical program or other entertainment for an Assisted Living Center or Nursing home
  • Hold a bake sale for your favorite charity
  • Volunteer to fun/walk/ride for fundraiser events like Race for the Cure or Relay for Life
  • Cleanup a section of a city trail
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Contact your city and see what you can do to better your city
  • Plant a tree!  In a public place--get permission from the city first
  • Write letters to servicemen or missionaries (not a family member)
  • Make cookies and give them to a neighbor
  • Write a letter of thanks to all of your teachers
  • Tutor a young child
  • Clean toys at your church nursery/kids playroom



To run for a student office, you must meet the following criteria and standards:

  • Have 3.0 GPA during each of the 3 terms prior to elections. (3 criteria)
  • Have 3.0 CPA during each of the 3 terms prior to elections. (3 criteria)
  • No F‘s during each of the 3 terms prior to elections. (1 criteria)
  • No U‘s during each of the 3 terms prior to elections. (1 criteria)
  • No more than 2 N's for the current school year (1 criteria)

If you are deficient in one or two of the nine criteria listed above, you must submit a letter of appeal to the standards committee 3 days prior to campaigning if you want to run. If you are deficient in three or more, you may not appeal.

Officers must maintain a 3.0 GPA and 3.0 CPA, and have no F‘s, U‘s, or N's. Failure to meet these standards will result in probation for one term. A second failure to maintain these standards will result in removal from office.



9th Grade:
Sonia Flores
Ava Judd - 9th grade Publicity
Abbey Kossin - SBO Vice President
Nate Lund
Mackayla Ruganis - SBO President
Connor Smith
Olivia Trujillo - 9th grade Activities
Sam Wood

8th Grade:
Elizabeth Daly - 8th grade Activities
Keeton Jarman - 8th grade President
Daxton Parks - 8th grade Vice President
Lydia Ponder
Berkley Wiseman

7th Grade:
Tate Keddington - 7th grade Activities
Isabel Lee - 7th grade President
Wesley Lehman - 7th grade Publicity
Lydia Monson - 7th grade Vice President
Sam Moulton - 7th grade Activities
Jackson Workman - 7th grade Publicity

7th Grade Election Information

  • Each Elementary School will conduct their own election process.  Follow whatever rules they have for you.
  • Each Elementary will tell SDJH who their 1 or 2 candidates are by MAY 1.
  • SDJH  will set up interviews with the candidates for after school in the first two weeks of May.

Click here for interview questions.

Here is one option, if you choose to do a storyboard:  Storyboard template

8th and 9th Grade Election Information

All deadlines are listed on the school calendar and were provided at the mandatory meeting.

If you need help with filming your video then please make an appointment with the officer advisor as soon as possible, before the submission deadline.

Click here for interview questions.

Here is one option, if you choose to do a storyboard:  Storyboard template