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Ms. Stanger  - counselor

Mrs. Stanger   (A-G)

Megan Woodbury

Mrs. Woodbury  (H-O)


Tina Ackerman

Ms. Ackerman  (P-Z) 


Mary Ann Nelson

Mrs. Nelson  - 
Registrar / Secretary





Online Learning Options for Grades 9-12
Davis School District students have the opportunity to utilize online education as part of their schooling experience.  Students can access online courses through two options:

Option 1:  Utah Statewide Online Education Program

In this program, students take classes from state (Utah State Board of Education USBE) certified providers that are outside of the Davis School District System.  
Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this program.

Option 2:  Davis Connect (Utah Students Connect) Online Courses

If you are a student in the Davis School District, you can sign up for online credits above your regular school day schedule (for original or remedial credit). Courses are free to the student except for classes which require fees such as driver’s education. A final proctored test will be issued at the end of each term for each course. Final testing will be held at the student's school, or at the district offices. To sign up for a Utah Students Connect online course, see your counselor.  If you'd like more information, check out the website

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