Junior High

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Plus Period

Plus Period is a school wide initiative at South Davis Junior High.  It is aimed at helping students succeed in school.  For thirty minutes at the end of the school day, students attend intervention or enrichment activities.

Students who have a D, D-, or F in any class or an Incomplete (I) in any class are required to attend intervention with that teacher.  Students with more than one D, D-, F, or I go to intervention according to the priority schedule at the bottom of this page.

Students without any D, D-,F, or I's can attend enrichment activities.  These give students an opportunity to explore extra concepts that the teacher may not have time to cover in the regular classes.  It also includes study time, movies in the cafeteria, clubs, and free time in the gym or outside.

Plus Period is not optional.  Every teacher, administrator, and staff member is working during this time to help students learn and succeed.