Junior High

High School


Approved Games and Websites

No violent games on school computers EVER.

Astronomy - Interactives for learning astronomy from McGraw-Hill.

BBC Animals - Video clips about hundreds of animals.

BBC Nature - Articles and videos about current topics in nature.

BBC Space - Articles and videos about current topics in space.

Bill Nye - Videos and educational resources from Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Brain Metrix - Brain training games to improve memory and concentration.

Code.org - Learn the basics of computer science and programming through one hour activities

Duolingo - If you have ever wanted to learn another language, this site is for you.  Take a placement test to see where you are or jump in at the beginning.

Free Rice - Expand your vocabulary and help donate rice to needy countries at the same time.

Human Body Systems - Articles explaining what the different body systems do.

JLab Games - Science and math games and puzzles from the U.S. Department of Energy

Khan Academy - To use this site without signing in use Subjects drop down menu at the top of the page.  You can learn anything!

Math Zone - Math games from Funbrain

Place the States - Test your knowledge of US geography.

Scratch - Create your own games, stories, and animations with a platform developed by MIT.

Sudoku - Online Sudoku Puzzles

Typing.com - Keyboarding games to increase speed and accuracy.

UEN Interactives - Interactive games in a variety of subjects