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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the Plus Period?

Plus Period is a short period during the school day when students have the opportunity to get extra help or to be rewarded with fun enrichment activities if they are caught up.

When is the Plus Period?

It is Monday through Thursday after 7th period for thirty minutes.

What happens on Friday?

There is no Plus Period on Fridays. Classes are shortened to allow for teacher meetings after students leave for the day. 

Where do students go during plus period?

Students will go one of two places: an intervention class, or an enrichment activity.

How does a student know if she/he should go to intervention?

Each day at the end of 7th period, students will receive their grade print out. This grade print out will be color coded to indicate whether they must go to an intervention class or have the opportunity to go to an enrichment activity.  The printout will list and high-light D's, D-'s, F's and incomplete assignments.  Students should determine what supplies they need and walk into intervention ready to work.  Hall passes are not allowed during Plus period to go get stuff out of your locker.

What if a student is failing only one class?

Then that student must attend an intervention class with her/his teacher for that failing grade.

What if a student is failing multiple classes?

For students with multiple failing grades the following priority has been established:










Social Studies


Social Studies






Social Studies




If a student makes up their "F" in the first five minutes of intervention, can they then go to an enrichment class?

No, students must stay wherever they first go for the entire thirty minute Plus Period.

What if an intervention class is full?

The teacher will attach a sticker to the student’s ticket telling them where to go and what time they left the intervention. This will normally be to a teacher near by in the same subject department.

Can students who are not failing go to intervention classes for help?


Do the students get to choose which enrichment activity to go to?


How are students kept track of during Plus Period?

Students need a ticket (the grades print out) to get in to either intervention or enrichment and they will key-in their student ID at the teachers computer. Students not turning in a ticket are considered truant and will have those consequences as described in the planner.

What if a parent needs to check out their child during the plus period?

If the child has a note telling the time that they should leave then they should show it to the teacher and go to the office at that time.  Otherwise parents will need to wait until the end of Plus period.
What if it is an emergency? An "all call" can be used to locate a student but this goes into every classroom, is very disruptive, and should only be used in a true emergency.

What if a student makes up her/his failing grade and incomplete assignments, yet the next day it still shows as failing on their grade printout (ticket)?

The student will still go to that intervention until the teacher has entered the change into the grade book and it no longer shows on the ticket. Teachers need a reasonable amount of time to grade assignments and input them into the grade book (at least 48 hours). This may seem unfair. However, please note that a student may get to go to enrichment for a couple of days after bombing a test that has not yet been entered into the grade book. Tickets are printed 5th period Monday through Thursday ready to be handed out during 7th period.

When are the tickets printed?

The tickets are printed during 5th period so they can be cut during 6th period and delivered during 7th period.