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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it and who participates?

A time set aside during the regular school day when students receive focused reteaching, intervention help, or enrichment opportunities. Teachers will request specific students who need intervention or enrichment. Departments will be assigned a day of the week to "summon" these students. All students participate in sustained silent reading and homework completion when they are not summoned. In addition, all teachers advise, motivate, and mentor students within their Spartan Academy class. 

When is it?

Spartan Academy is offered Monday-Thursday, after 4th/8th between 2:20-2:55.

How does it work? (Daily Schedule)

2:20 - Students should enter class, sit down, teacher takes roll.

2:20-2:30 - Intercom announcements and pledge.  Teachers then display summons sheet overhead. Summoned students are then dismissed by their Spartan Academy teacher to go to summoning teacher for reteaching or enrichment for the rest of the period.

2:20-2:30 - Non-summoned students silently read. No electronics during this 10 minute period. Students should listen to announcements and then  read their own book or get options from their Spartan Academy teacher. 

2:30-2:55 - Non-summoned students can work on homework, the  Spartan Academy Canvas course options, or continue reading. 

What will the weekly schedule look like?

All departments will have one assigned Intervention Day each week. (Social Studies and Electives on Mondays, Math on Tuesdays, Science and Music on Wednesdays, and English on Thursdays).

Academy teachers motivate and mentor students as they engage in sustained silent reading, homework completion, and online enrichment activities. 

Some Spartan Academy classes have two assigned teachers. These will be core teachers (English, math, social studies, and science). Core teachers meet with specific students for targeted intervention activities while another core teacher, who is assigned the same group of students, manages the remaining students in his/her classroom. Core teachers have department collaboration one day a week as they develop curriculum, write common assessments, and analyze data to make instructional decisions. Therefore, two core teachers will alternate teaching the Spartan Academy class.

Elective teachers will have the same group of Spartan Academy Monday-Thursday students unless they choose to have an intervention day. In that case, a member of our support staff will substitute in the Spartan Academy class. 

How will CORE teachers get students to come to their classroom for intervention?

On their assigned Intervention Day, teachers will summon specific students to come to their classroom for intervention by listing the students’ names on document called the “Intervention Student Summons.”  (Social Studies and Electives on Mondays, Math on Tuesdays, Science and Music on Wednesdays, and English on Thursdays).  Teachers may only summon students to intervention on their reserved intervention day and CORE teachers have priority over electives.

Monday-Thursday, students will go to their regularly scheduled advisory class.  After the pledge and announcements,  teachers will put the “Intervention Student Summons” sheet on the projector.  Students, whose name appears on the summons, go to the designated teacher for intervention. 

What happens if a student does not show up for intervention?

If the student was marked present for his/her Spartan Academy class, leaves to go to his/her assigned intervention but does not actually attend intervention, he/she will be called to the office for a truancy warning (first time) or citation.  Parents will be notified.  It is the responsibility of the summoning teacher to “highlight the cell” where the missing student’s name appears on the “Intervention Student Summons.” The attendance secretary will notify an administrator when they check the summons spreadsheet for highlighted cells. It is very important that students not leave their regularly scheduled Spartan Academy class until their attendance has been accurately recorded.   

How will elective teachers (not music) utilize their intervention day?

On Mondays (and some Wednesdays), elective teachers may summon specific students to come to their classroom for intervention/enrichment by listing the students’ names on the “Intervention Student Summons.”  2-3 elective teachers may summon students to intervention on these days. In most cases, a core class will take precedent over an elective. After taking attendance, elective teachers, will move their Spartan Academy students to another location to be supervised to allow for the intervention/enrichment time with summoned students.  

What enrichment activities will be available?

Students will have online options for enrichment thorough the Canvas learning management system. Students will also have a few essential activities (school policies and procedures, digital citizenship, emergency procedures) to complete on Canvas. These materials will be reviewed by the advisory teacher in class as well.

Guest speakers/presenters will also be offered in the media center on a designated day. Students will be able to sign up for available spots in the media center. Those students will be excused and attendance will be tracked by the main office.  

Is this class graded?

Spartan Academy will be a Pass/Fail course. Students will receive a passing grade (P) with 80% percent or better attendance. A citizenship grade will also be given in this course. The course citizenship will be based on behavior and completion of the essential lessons in the Spartan Academy Canvas tool. These lessons are short and cover school policies, study skills, goal setting, and managing stress/anxiety. The citizenship grade is determined as follows:

  • H = No tardies, helps others, follows all directions, works on homework/reading, completes Essential activities each term.
  • G = 1 tardy, follows most directions, regularly works on homework/reading, completes Essential activities. 
  • S = 2 tardies, minor class disruptions, frequently works on homework/reading, completes 1 or more Essential activities. 
  • N = 3 tardies, frequently disruptive, does not work on homework/ready, requires teacher intervention before completing Essential activities. 
  • U = 4 or more tardies, truancy, major disruption(s), does not work on homework or ready, does not complete any Essential activities.